Who is Karundhel?

Rajesh, who writes by the pseudonames Karundhel (‘கருந்தேள்’ in Tamil), ர@ஜேஷ் and Rajesh Da Scorp, is a writer, Screenplay consultant, Screenwriter, Translator and a PS3 Game freak, who has a killer interest towards books and movies.

What does ‘Karundhel’ mean?

Well. Karundhel is the tamil word for a Black Scorpion, and is just a name Rajesh chose to start writing about movies. He loves weird reptiles like Scorpions, Snakes etc.. and decided to use the name as a pseudonym, as he ‘reviews with a sting’.

What does he do in this website?

Rajesh writes about his opinion on the movies here. Let it be any kind of a movie – you can find it’s review here in Tamil, if Rajesh had watched it. He also writes PS3 Game reviews, occasional Book reviews, and very occasional Music reviews.

A few words (or rather, paragraphs) about Rajesh…

Rajesh, born at Coimbatore was interested towards movies from a very young age. The first film he saw was ‘Jaws’, after which he was awestruck with excitement, and from then on, had seenhell of a lot of movies in many languages. Rajesh started writing in English, with www.scorpsay.com in 2006, and then started his Tamil blog www.karundhel.com in 2009 Dec, which had become one of the widely read blogs very soon. When it comes to reviews, the articles in www.karundhel.com are unbiased, and focus on the pros and cons of the films.

Rajesh has great interest towards the art of storytelling and screenwriting, and started writing about the screenwriting Guru Syd Field two years ago in his blog, and from May 2013, his articles covering the screenwriting nuances of Tamil films loosely based on Syd Field’s book ‘Screenplay’ were published on a weekly basis in Dinagaran vellimalar, for more than a year, concluding during June 2014. The book was launched on Sep 22, 2014. Rajesh had published an ebook about Lord of the Rings in collaboration with his mentor Hollywood Bala who took care of the book design, and Saravanaganesh (kolandha) in 2012, which was widely read among the tamil blog readers.

Rajesh specializes in screenplay analysis, and is a Screenplay consultant. He made his debut as a screenplay consultant in the successful sci-fi ‘Indru Netru Naalai. He also conducts screenplay workshops in film institutes. He had translated short stories from Tamil to English as well. Together with his Wife Shree Vani and their son Nithil, he enjoys life @ Bangalore.

You can contact Rajesh at rajesh.scorpi(at)gmail.com.

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  1. Please sent screan play 1st part

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    Plz sent a salim review

  3. VNR

    Now Karundhel loads faster than before, new design looks good!!! Unga blog rombha naal-a padichitruken but this is my first comment… Your reviews are so interesting, keep going 🙂

  4. nirmal

    hi, im very intrested on reading ur posts THIRAI KADHAI EZHUDHUVAU IPPADI, how much of post u have posted,im unable to get after 22 nd chapter, if there any articles above from this chapter plz send me a link or mail the post. so that i would be more clear on screen play…

  5. Vimalraj

    Karundhel unga review ellame supera iruku…….enaku matrix movie sila concept puriyave matenguthu…..so please matrix movie review ……please…..nandri

  6. Jabbar

    Hiiii sir
    Im jabbar I need syd field book in tamil so athu yanga kadaikkum nu neenga sonna yannakku romba useful ah irukkum sir konjam solluga sir…

  7. Hi bro..! When will you direct a movie?

  8. sir,

    I have stuided dinakaran in karundheal cinima , i will meet

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  10. இன்னங்க ஐயா.
    ரொம்ப நாளா ஆங்கில படங்களுக்கான விமர்சனங்கள் வரவில்லை. உங்களுடைய விமர்சங்களின் அடிப்படையிலதான் படம் பார்க்கவோ அல்லது DVD வாங்கவோ வேண்டும்.

    அது சரி எப்படி விமர்சனங்கள் எழுதுகின்றீர்கள். ஒரு முறை பார்த்தால் படத்தின் கதை வடிவம்புரிந்துவிடுகிறதா?
    திரைக்கதையின் நெளிவு சுளிவுகள் தெரிந்து விடுமா?
    நானும் முயற்சித்து பார்த்தே ஆனால் முடியவில்லை

    நான் கடைசியாக பாா்த்தப்படம் இன்டிபென்டஸ் டே படம் மகா மொக்கை… இது என்னுடைய கருத்து

    உங்கள் கருத்துக்குத் தான் காத்திருக்கின்றேன்

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    Hi sir. why u stop 80’s Tamil Cinema serious . Please continue that topic. and I need Mr. Aabaavaanan Movies and More informations in 80’s Cinimaas. Like a Iniantha kaigal, Oomaivizhigal Movies Information. Pls Share that informations.

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